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How to manage sleep disorders 

Occupational Health, May 2011 

According to a study published in the October 2010 issue of the journal SLEEP, sleep disturbances increase both the likelihood of employees taking time off work and the time it takes them to return to work after absences. In the study of more than 56,000 Finnish workers, researchers found that those reporting problems sleeping were more likely to suffer from mental and physical illnesses and to retire early.

The celeb haunt for the haunted

The London Paper, 27 October 2008

Some celebrity haunts never go out of fashion. Just as famous faces continue to dine at the Ivy, they continue to check in to the Priory for rehab. For some, the Roehampton facility is simply seen as a weekend break of choice.

Is Daniel dyspraxic or clumsy?

The London Paper, 8 September 2008

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently revealed he can’t tie his shoelaces – a surprising admission from a 21-year-old millionaire. And it is not because the boy wizard has mislaid his magic shoe-tying spell. In fact, he suffers from dyspraxia, a neurological condition affecting co-ordination.

Risky business

The London Paper, 4 August 2008
If only life was like the ad campaign and you could tell if someone had a sexually transmitted infection (STI) by checking their pants. Unfortunately, in the real world you’re unlikely to pull someone with the word gonorrhoea on their boxers, but it seems fear of the unknown isn’t stopping us from taking risks.

Sounds Greek, but can a Med diet trim the tummy?

The London Paper, 28 July 2008
A study has found people could lose more weight by following a Mediterranean diet than a low-fibre diet. A team of researchers conducted a two-year trial in Israel, splitting 322 overweight people into groups and putting them on different diets, including low-fat and Mediterranean.

Burger bender blues

The London Paper, 21 July 2008
The words fry-up and hangover go together like, well, fried bread and baked beans. We often hope that a bit of “hangover food” will fix the nasty after-effects of last night’s bender. But sometimes our culinary habits can be the cause of, rather than the cure for, our morning-after woes.

Are women healthier than men, June 2008

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it seems Mars is awash with butchers while Venus is full of fruit and veggie stalls. Recent research confirmed what many of us already suspected: women are not only the fairer sex, but the healthier sex as well.

Quiz: Is your office making you fat,, March 2008
Do you find it impossible to get through the afternoon without joining in the chocolate run or nibbling on a piece of birthday cake? Find out if your lack of office will power is adding pounds to your waistline.

Putting exercise to rest, October 2007
I should have seen it coming. The ‘buy one, get one free’ antihistamine offers in the pharmacies had been replaced by similar deals on cold and flu remedies, and every time I went out in public it felt like people were coughing and spluttering in my direction.

Health hazards in your handbag, September 2007
Some celebrity trends are never going to cut it in the real world. Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua in a bag would be a ridiculous accessory for the average woman. But the oversized handbags regularly draped over the shoulders of the likes of Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan are a different story.

No prescription, no problem, September 2007
The 50-something man in front of me at the pharmacy in Goa turns around and grins. ‘Sorry for the hold up love,’ he says in a distinctly British accent. ‘He’s gone out the back as he didn’t have enough Viagra under the counter’.

Bloody SAD

TNT magazine, January 2006  
Not too many people would say they liked spending winter in the UK. Surviving your first frosty winter can be a real challenge, especially for those of us who hail from warmer southern hemisphere climates.