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Forming a double act with couples

Metro, September 3 2008

Last year my husband got an unexpected call from an old school friend who had just moved to London and wanted to meet up. He mentioned he was living with his girlfriend, so my husband suggested the four of us get together. ‘It will be great,’ my husband enthused. ‘We used to be really good mates and we could always use more couple friends’. 

The highs and lows of growing up tall 

The Telegraph, June 28 2008
In school photographs I was always in the same spot: back row, middle, between the boys. I couldn’t sit daintily with the other girls in the front row because I was too tall and I would have obscured the view of those in the middle.

Junk food

TNT magazine, July 2006
Just before sundown, three Aussies drive around the back of a London supermarket and park their dilapidated van. One hops out with a small lamp strapped to his head, while another grabs a spanner and screwdriver. They look about while the driver keeps the engine running, poised for a quick getaway should they run into any security personnel.

Dig your work

TNT magazine, August 2006 
Meike Suggars is pretty much your typical Antipodean professional temporarily calling London home. The 28-year-old has been here a couple of years, has a career position and isn’t too sure exactly when she’s heading home to Melbourne. In her spare time she likes to travel, hang out at the pub and sneak around London in the middle of the night illegally planting and weeding trees.