Emigration articles

Moving to Australia: why Brits are newly keen to head Down Under

The Telegraph, August 2015 

Much has been written about Britons falling out of love with life in Australia. Fewer of them have been moving there, and increasing numbers of expats have been returning to the UK.

Britain no longer top source of Australia migrants

The Telegraph, July 2012 

For many years, Britain provided the largest number of new migrants to Australia, but after being knocked from the top spot last year, new figures show that it has fallen to third place.

Expats warned of illegal home crackdown in Thailand

The Telegraph, July 2012

Expats who own land illegally in Thailand could be deported under tough new laws being drafted by the government.

Head east for the land of smiles

A Place in The Sun, May 2012

Thailand is often called the land of smiles. The slogan traditionally refers to the friendliness of the locals, but foreigners too have found themselves with plenty to grin about after setting up a base in the country.

Expats in Nigeria top for oil and gas pay

The Telegraph, March 2012

Research released this week by recruiter The Curzon Partnership said that energy firms in the African nation were now paying the biggest “country premiums” to attract staff.

Australia’s Northern Territory welcomes migrants

The Telegraph, March 2012 

The territory recently signed a regional migration agreement (RMA) with the federal government to allow them to more easily recruit foreign workers to cope with the staff shortages caused by the resources boom in the region.

The rise of the ping-pong pom

A Place in The Sun, March 2012

Australia has long topped the list of the most popular places for Britons to emigrate, and it’s easy to see why: it has a similar culture, there’s no language barrier, the weather is much warmer and there’s that amazing outdoor lifestyle of beaches and barbecues.

Can you beat the blues abroad?

guardianweekly.co.uk, October 2007

If grey skies get you sad, blue skies would seem the obvious way back to happy. As the days grow shorter and winter begins its gloomy descent on the UK, seasonal affective disorder (Sad) sufferers could be forgiven for daydreaming about emigrating to a land where the sun shines year-round.

High price of banking abroad

guardianweekly.co.uk, April 2007
If you’re one of the many Britons planning to emigrate, you might assume you’ll be glad to leave behind the UKbanking system and its excessive overdraft charges, pitiful interest rates and poor customer service. But if you think you’ll be any better off in your new country, you may be in for a rude shock.