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The pros and cons of product transfers, September 2020

Product transfers can be a useful option for those who are worried about their ability to remortgage. We reveal the pros and cons, as well as what else you need to consider.

The ins and outs of rent protection

Moneywise, July 2020

Any landlord who has ever watched TV series Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords or Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away! is probably aware there is a risk someone will move into their property and not pay the rent.

This is how much you save (and spend) by working from home, July 2020

Remote working might be a great way to cut commuting costs but new research shows other expenses are rising…

Loyalty doesn’t pay: why I’m ditching Santander

Lovemoney, January 2020

After being a customer for years, the decision to slash incentives on its current account (whilst keeping its monthly fee unchanged) has convinced me its time to leave Santander.

Buy-to-let mortgages: should you use a broker or apply direct?, November 2019

The fixed term on my buy-to-let mortgage recently came to an end and I faced the dreaded task of remortgaging. In my experience, remortgaging involves reams of paperwork, the collation of endless bank statements, arranging surveys and keeping on top of constant emails and texts from solicitors.

Legal problems? Here’s who you better call

Moneywise, October 2018

If you are facing a legal issue, you may get a rude shock once you receive the bill: legal fees can escalate if you aren’t careful.

Mortgage stick or twist? It may pay to remain loyal

The Times, August 2018

With the Bank of England’s base rate rise last week, and potential further rises ahead, it’s clear that anyone nearing the end of their mortgage deal should be looking at their options.

How to hire a tradesperson you can trust

Moneywise, May 2016

I started to have doubts about the man I’d hired to fit my kitchen at the end of the first day. I saw that he’d failed to cut down the end panels to fit the overhead cabinets, which had resulted in a bizarre-looking array of mismatched parts.

E.on cuts gas prices (slightly), January 2015

E.on has today become the first energy provider to cut its standard energy prices this year, but the move will shave only £24 from an average customer’s annual gas bill. Far greater savings are available to those who switch.

HMRC to email self-assessment reminders, January 2015

If you’re among those who need to file a self-assessment tax return but have left it almost until the last minute, you’re likely to receive a nudge via email from HM Revenue and Customs.

When self-employment meant the end of my mortgage hopes

The Guardian, April 2012 

 My husband David and I were recently thinking about moving house. We are expecting visitors from our native Australia over the coming year, so we thought it might be a good time to move up the property ladder and gain a bit more space.

Money matters

Fresh Direction, September 2007
If you’re about to start university, you’ve probably already taken a good hard look at your finances. Hopefully, you’ll have organised your loans and bank account, worked out a budget and planned how you’re going to stretch your limited funds over the year.

High price of banking abroad, April 26 2007
If you’re one of the many Britons planning to emigrate, you might assume you’ll be glad to leave behind the UK banking system and its excessive overdraft charges, pitiful interest rates and poor customer service. But if you think you’ll be any better off in your new country, you may be in for a rude shock.