Far Eastern horizons

A Place in The Sun, May 2015

The Far East has long appealed to adventure-seeking Brits heading off on winter-sun holidays, and the region is becoming increasingly popular with those looking for a more permanent change of scenery


Discover the real Chiang Mai

Golf Life Travel, March 2015

Some things look much easier than they actually turn out to be. In Chiang Mai I discovered that riding an elephant is one of those things


10 rules to stress-free shopping in Asia

CNNGo, March 2011

High quality, low prices, great variety - Asia is a shopaholic's playground.But there are times when a pushy souvenir seller or extortionist bar owner will send you into spasms of exasperation


The art of haggling

Real Travel, April 2008
Anyone who says there's no skill in shopping has clearly never seen the inside of a Turkish bazaar. For the uninitiated, a trip to the market in a country like Turkey, Egypt or India can be daunting. Because it isn't shopping as we know it - nothing has a fixed price and everything is negotiable


Border town

TNT magazine, May 2007
It's hard to get away for a short break in Europe without parting with at least a couple of hundred pounds. And even then, you're likely to end up in a pretty average hotel, eating cheap food and watching your pennies fairly closely. But you don't always have to forego life's creature comforts to have a cheap break. In fact, a couple of days in the Croatian region of Istria could leave you with change enough to splash out on luxury


The state of Denmark

TNT magazine, March 2007
Apparently the Danes are the happiest people on Earth. A study conducted by the University of Leicester last year put their excess levels of joy down to the nation's health, wealth and education standards. But after an evening in Aalborg and a trip round the akvavit distillery I think I found a few more reasons

Undiscovered Italy

TNT magazine, June 2006
Everyone knows about the rolling hills and quaint medieval towns of Tuscany. Everyone. And they're heading there in  droves, so much so that tourism authorities in some areas have started diverting their attention away from their usual job of attracting tourists, and are now working on discouraging them instead

In the pink

TNT magazine, February 2006
Provence is famous for a lot of things: gorgeous, celebrity-packed beaches, worldclass food and a lifestyle that inspired books like A Year In Provence. But interspersed between fields of aromatic lavender and thyme, you'll also find a landscape brimming with grapes, where Provençal winemakers are leading the world in techniques for producing rosé wine