Renovate or relocate: should I move or improve my home?, April 2019

Many homeowners needing more space face a dilemma over whether they'd be better off moving or improving their existing home


How to protect yourself from being 'gazumped'

The Sunday Telegraph, April 2019

There are few conversations more upsetting for buyers or sellers than those where an estate agent breaks it to them that the other party has pulled out of a sale


Help to Buy rated: boost for homebuyers or house builders?, March 2019

The recent bumper profits of housebuilders have reignited debate about who really benefits from Help to Buy. We run the rule over the scheme to work out whether the scheme has been a success or failure


Property refurbishment: costs, financing, taxes and finding the right property, March 2019

There's been a spike in the number of people fixing up properties rather than renting them out. Is property refurbishment the best way to make money from bricks & mortar?


Buy to let further afield - could it work for you?

Moneywise, February 2018

Ever since buy-to-let mortgages were introduced just over 25 years ago, the idea of buying a property to let out has been a popular investment choice for many people looking for a way to supplement their income and grow their wealth


It's grin up North

The Negotiator, February 2018

Given the barrage of negative legislative, tax and finance changes to hit landlords over the past couple of years, it's little surprise that many buy-to-let investors are either selling up or choosing not to expand their portfolio


Time to Seek a Property in Malta?

A Place in The Sun, January 2018

It might not be grabbing headlines or attracting the volumes of buyers that Spain or France does, but the small island of Malta has been quietly prospering in its southern Mediterranean locale south of Sicily


Safety in numbers - is it worth joining a franchise?

The Negotiator, December 2017

This year has been challenging for the residential property business, with the sales market stalled in many areas, government policy impacting landlords and a letting fee ban looming large


 Balancing the business - how the employment market is changing in agency

The Negotiator, October 2017

Times are tough for many estate agents. In most parts of the country, London in particular, the market is either flat or falling, depending on which market index you place the most faith in


Does outsourcing offer lower costs when times are hard?

The Negotiator, April 2017

When it comes to predicting what's in store for the housing market, it's anyone's guess. From the wild variations between house price indices, market monitors and expert opinions, the only thing we can truly be certain about is that we're living in uncertain times


Has print marketing turned its last page?

The Negotiator, January 2017

The property portals' dominance means fewer and fewer house hunters find their home within a newspaper advert. But print marketing is far from dead


Have estate agency boards had their day?

The Negotiator, November 2016

For decades estate agency boards have been a conversation starter. In the pre-portal days, they got neighbours gossiping about whose house was for sale and how much it might be on for.


Why holiday homes are the new buy to let

Moneywise, July 2016

Last year saw some nasty, unexpected surprises for the country's estimated two million landlords. In July, the government announced plans to curb mortgage interest relief for landlords and to scrap the wear and tear allowance, and then in November it announced a 3% stamp duty surcharge for anyone buying a second property


Forward thinking pays dividends

The Negotiator, June 2016

Recent HMRC figures showed that the rush to beat the deadline for the April stamp duty rise pushed sales in March up a whopping 77 per cent on the same month the previous year; there has been rather a large number of investment properties hitting the rental market over the past two months.


Is this the worst place to live? Not any more

The Times, May 2016

When Rough Guides publishing company announced its top ten cities to visit this year, many people were surprised to see Hull at No 8 on a list that featured Vancouver, Amsterdam and Reykjavik


The Enduring Appeal of Australia

A Place in The Sun, April 2016

Some countries fall in and out of favour with Brits moving abroad, but there's one that has an enduring appeal: Australia


Buy-to-let is taxed more in Britain than Germany, France or US

The Telegraph, November 2015

When George Osborne announced that he was cutting the amount of mortgage interest relief landlords could claim, he stated that the aim was to level the playing field between landlords and first-time buyers.

Brits could take heed from Aussie buy-to-let tax concerns,

Accountancy Age, September 2015

When George Osborne delivered his emergency Budget in July, there were some nasty surprises for the country's estimated two million landlords


Head east for the land of smiles

A Place in The Sun, May 2012

Thailand is often called the land of smiles. The slogan traditionally refers to the friendliness of the locals, but foreigners too have found themselves with plenty to grin about after setting up a base in the country


Living creatively

Capital Magazine, February 2012

Creative careers do not often come with a pay packet that allows for a spacious pad in Central London, especially not in the early stages. For many, their chosen career path is more likely to start with an unpaid internship than a £40,000 signing bonus and they face a constant struggle between the need to be in London to forge a career and the reality that it's just too damn expensive to live here


So relieved we didn't buy last year

The Guardian, April 5 2008
Like many young couples, my husband and I have spent the past few years saving madly for our first house - and watching prices escalate ever further out of reach. But now we are counting our blessings that our offer we made last year on a one-bed, ex-council flat fell through